Process and vacuum technology

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Benelux Process supplies in association with several top successful European technology enterprises  vacuum equipment and  vacuum process technology.

Analytical process toolsAnalytical process tools and workstations for; plasma characterization, SIMS surface science, TPD thermal desorption studies. RGA residual gas analysis. Gas analysis instruments for catalysis studies, fuel cell caracterisation, bio fuel analysis for production facilities and research institutes.

Laboratory and industrial process pumpsLaboratory- and industrial process pumps, vacuum measuring equipment and construction components for each individual customer application.

Effective exhaust management of PECVD, CVD, ALD processes from Edwards must be able to handle the deposition gases and the associated powders. The fluoride wastes from cleaning gases also require suitable treatment along with global warming gases. Abatement systems must be able to comply with these requirements in one complete unit.



GV designs and manufactures ion pumps (IGPs), titanium sublimation pumps (TSPs), non-evaporable getters (NEGs) and their controls.

Gamma Vacuum is an industry leading ion pump supplier because of superior quality, delivery and service.
The employees of Gamma Vacuum have experience in real-world vacuum environments ranging from systems manufacturing
and optics handling to TIG welding for vacuum environments.



Scia Systems

scia Systems was founded 2013 in partnership with the VON ARDENNE GmbH from Dresden. The company manufactures advanced ion beam and plasma processing equipment, for the production of microelectronics, MEMS and precision optical components, in both, high volume production as well as applications in research and development. scia Systems provides highly reliable tools together with a superior technology support.

The process systems address the entire spectrum in ion beam technology and are available with special source arrangements on platforms that accommodate all standard wafer sizes. The tools are flexible and modular in design. Several vacuum process chambers can be combined into cluster or in-line solutions, according to customer-specific requirements.

Vacuum, control and regulation instrumentsVacuum-, control and regulation instruments.


Just Vacuum

JUST VACUUM designs and manufactures vacuum systems for different applications according to customer's specification. Our team has extensive experience in manufacturing HV and UHV systems. We are skilled in processing all prevalent materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and µ-metal. We are also able to equip your system with peripheral devices such as pumping system or measuring equipment if required and install your system at the desired destination.